What is an Oncology Medical Home?

The Oncology Medical Home model is about delivering, ensuring, and measuring quality cancer care. In short, it is a patient-focused system of delivering quality cancer care that is coordinated and efficient. As such, it will be designed to meet the needs of patients, payers, and providers.

Some of the key aspects of the Oncology Medical Home model are:

  • Cancer care that is coordinated with the central focus on the patient and their entire medical condition
  • Cancer care that is optimized based on evidence-based medicine to produce quality outcomes
  • Cancer care that is accessible and efficient, with treatment provided in the highest quality, lowest cost setting for the patient
  • Cancer care that is delivered in a patient-centric, caring environment that optimizes patient satisfaction
  • Cancer care that is continuously improved by measuring and benchmarking results against other facilities providing care so that best practices “raise the bar” in delivering care

In terms of provider reimbursement, there are several different payment models — modified fee-for-service, management fee, episode-of-care, shared savings, etc. — that can be utilized in the Oncology Medical Home model. What is necessary in terms of reimbursement are:

  • A payment system based on results (i.e., quality and value)
  • Payment that is realistic in terms of maintaining the viability of the model
  • A payment system that allows the right care to be delivered at the right time, without hurdles to providing care