Reading Room

The list below provides very helpful information that you will want to consider reading before you and your team embark on this journey. Share the adventures, accomplishments and surprises that others have shared as they tackle this task of enhancing quality and value for their patients and their team.

  1. Oncology patient-centered medical home and accountable care organization:
    Community Oncology 12/2010
    John Sprandio, MD describes the transformation of his practice in Pennsylvania to becoming the only Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home community oncology office as recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).
  2. Benchmarks for Value in Cancer Care: An Analysis of a Large Commercial Population
    JOP, ASCO 09/2011 US Oncology Research
    A team of physicians and pharmacists discuss the cost drivers for cancer care and how they can be managed.
  3. Medical Home: Disruptive Innovation to a New Primary Care Model:
    Deloitte Center for Health Solutions
    The author explores the potential of medical homes, cost savings, policy makers and other decision makers.
  4. Pathways, Outcomes, and Costs in Colon Cancer:
    Retrospective evaluations in Two Distinct Databases
    JOP, ASCO 05/2011 Supplement
    This article explores prescribed pathways for colon cancer and the impact on care and costs. It emphasizes the positive impact of clinical pathways.
  5. Early Evaluations of the Medical Home: Building on a Promising Start:
    American Journal of Managed Care 02/2011
    This article explores the positives of the patient centered medical home, where expectations have been met, and where there is work to be done.
  6. Cancer Survivors and the Patient Centered Medical Home:
    Research from the Translational Behavioral Medicine – Volume 2 Number 3, September 2012 that emphasizes the importance of recognizing and managing survivor plans for cancer patients.
  7. Trends in Cancer Care Near the End of Life
    A report from the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice and the Dartmouth Atlas Project regarding patient preferences near end of life.