Practice Patient Satisfaction

As you know, the patient and family perspective is very important to the healthcare delivery process. This is a focus of the Accountable Care Act and all of the programs that have spun off of this mandate. It is also a major focus for hospitals and payment reform effective October 2012. Hospitals are subject to a 2% payment withhold on their DRG payments. This withhold will be redistributed based on the hospital quality scores of clinical outcomes (70% of the total score) and the patient experience (30% of the score).

The patient satisfaction tools and processes for the oncology medical home are very similar to this used by hospitals and accountable care organizations by being CAHPS based and benchmarked. The benchmarking of the patient/family experience in their cancer care journey uses CAHPS standard questions, optional questions and just a few additional questions added in for cancer care specific issues.

If you are interested in learning more about how satisfied your subscribers are with their care from your member organizations and how their satisfaction compares to their peer organizations - please register your organization on this site. You will be asked to indicate your preferred cancer centers during the process. Your request will be forwarded to these sites for their approval.