Patient Satisfaction - Updated

The OMH Patient Satisfaction Survey has been updated to include the latest requirements by Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems. This new survey is effective Monday 5/4/2015. See below for a description of this survey and the resources that are available to your cancer care team.

Feedback on patient and family experience is very important to the cancer care team.  One of the most important measurements in this model is how cancer patients and their support team perceives the access, ability and affability of their care team.  This satisfaction survey standardizes this measurement for all cancer centers and uses the  survey structure of the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems.  This survey structure was then modified by leaders in cancer care to meet the needs of all cancer centers.  

Participation in this standardized satisfaction survey will allow cancer centers to compare themselves to each other by similar size or locations.

Using the Reports Video: This video is a tutorial for generating benchmarking reports for a practice and includes instructions on how to graph these reports to share with your team.(Requires a .swf player to replay such as Adobe FlashPlayer)


Patient Satisfaction Survey: A revised survey was effective Monday 5/4/15. All practice links were revised to direct the patient to this new survey. All imports of results from paper surveys will need to in the new Tally Form below. All resources have been revised for this new survey and three new languages have been added for the paper survey. See below for a complete list of the surveys and guides for this new survey.   (Patients may also complete this survey through the patient portal on this OMH web site)