Patient Assistance

ACCC - 2014 Patient Assistance and Reimbursement Guide:

What you'll find inside this new publication:

  • A list of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical patient assistance programs
  • A quick reference guide by drug name with links directly to the drug manufacturers
  • A patient assistance program flow chart: First identify the patient's financial status. Then follow the appropriate steps.
  • Directions on how to apply and links to enrollment forms
  • An in-depth look at the value of dedicated financial counselors

*NEW 03/3/2014* MyDirectives® - The Oncology Medical Home emphasizes the importance of in depth communication and coordination between the patient and their provider team. This is important at the time of diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. My Directives® is a secure online resource for patients to record and share their wishes regarding their care. Use this free, safe and secure embedded link to record and share your decisions regarding your cancer care.

Five Wishes® Sharing The Gift: A Guide To Presenting Five Wishes - A tool to help patients and families with advanced care planning and end of life discussions for cancer patients and their families:

Patient Guides – These FREE guides, produced by NCCN, are comprehensive and patient friendly.  A very good resource to assist with patient education on eleven common cancers.

Patient Education  - Additional patient education material is available at the ASCO Book Store

NCCN Virtual Reimbursement Resource Room – Search for reimbursement sources by cancer type, supportive care or reimbursement program.