Getting Started

There are a few preliminary steps you may want to consider as you and your team begins the journey of becoming an oncology medical home. The first step is to assure that your entire leadership team is like-minded in this effort. Have each member complete the Readiness Assessment independently and discuss the results. This discussion will help in determining the strengths and areas of opportunity for your team.

Once you have completed and discussed the OMH Readiness Assessment, consider this OMH Project Plan template to plan and budget your path towards an OMH Accreditation.

Getting Started - Other Tools and Resources:

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    • Emphasize need to think differently in all areas.
    • Focus on quality, value best patient/family experience
    • Efficient and streamlined communications   

Letter templates to send to your stakeholders and partners:

Resources that you may want to share with your local large group employers

Tools and resources from your GPOs:

Data Aggregators/Consultants