Commission on Cancer Accreditation

The Commission on Cancer is a consortium of professional organizations dedicated to improving survival and quality of life for cancer patients through standard-setting, prevention, research, education, and the monitoring of comprehensive quality care.

Commission on Cancer has been involved in the definition and recognition of quality cancer care for over 80 years. This organization is governed by representatives from 52 professional cancer care advocacy organizations. They have been a leader in the development and implementation of quality metrics for patient centered cancer care. To learn more on the standards for the Commission on Cancer OMH Accreditation program click here.

The CoC OMH Accreditation program was developed by cancer care stakeholders for cancer care stakeholders. The program emphasizes processes and measures that promote high quality in the following domains:

  • Patient Engagement
  • Expanded Access
  • Evidenced Based Care
  • Comprehensive Team Based Care
  • Continuous Quality Improvement

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See the inventory of OMH tools and resources that have been identified to assist with the promotion and recognition of quality cancer care under the domains listed to the left.

Some of the Oncology Medical Home practices that were recently accredited by the Commission on Cancer have donated their policy and procedure templates to assist other practices that may be interested in accreditation. These templates may be found here. (Note to Glacial – hyperlink to Excel file. The Excel file includes hyperlinks to the Word files.)

Your OMH support teams do not support or guarantee these policies for your own accreditation. However, they may help get started with own library of policies.

Description Example Exmaple
Education of OMH to each patient 103 208
Financial counseling 101 201
New patient education 103  
Timeliness of patient and family communications 102  
Chemotherapy education 106  
Call backs - phone calls, urgent and non-urgent cases 102  
Patient portal 103  
Nurse education and competency 108 106
Triage system for new patients, urgent medical needs and same day appointments 114  
Weekend and after hours care 112  
Direct admissions. 114  
Treatment guidelines 117  
GCSF, antiemetics, advanced imaging for strage I or II breat cancer 104  
Documenting cancer staging and patient performance status. Template not available  
Introduction and enrollmemt of clinical trials 105  
Communicating with exterenal care teams. 109  
Ordering, tracking and communicating test results. 109  
Appointment scheduling, tracking, and communication. 109  
Ensuring follow through with testing, referrals, and future appointments with external teams 109  
Process of sharing information with CoC accredited cancer programs 109  
Psychosocial screening and interventions. 118  
Treatment summary 107  
Survivorship plan 107  
End of life care plan 103 109
Continuous quality improvement 121  
Monitoring and improvement of one or more OMH performance measures. 121