"If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there."
Lewis Carroll
 English Author & Recreational Mathematician (1832-1898)

Benchmarking is one of the key components to advancing quality and value in cancer care. A standardized Patient Satisfaction and Experience Survey is an essential element. Well defined measurements of Quality, Value and Positive Outcomes are intended to establish the parameters by which all cancer care can be evaluated and rewarded.

The benchmarking aspect of this model will allow cancer centers to compare providers within their own center to other centers of similar size providing comparable services. Benchmarking will also be the basis of establishing rewards and incentives by governmental and private insurers for quality, value and outcomes in the delivery of cancer care. The continual end result will be the establishment of positive, measurable standards while also creating healthy competition to raise the standards for the ultimate benefit of the patient

Participating in the benchmarking aspect of this initiative will create focus and direction to define and provide quality and value in all aspects of cancer care.

18 Oncology Medical Home Measures